Best Apps to Earn Money for Newbies and Pros

There is a revolution that has happened in digital communication around the world every person you know is just a click away from you irrespective of where they live.

Thanks to the wonderful blessings of the internet that has given us the privilege that we can live anywhere, work anywhere, and have our own freedom.

In the past decade, the ways of earning money online have gathered unbelievable popularity. There are people who work on a variety of ideas to start earning money for themselves. For example, people are making money through Youtube, Copywriting, Graphic designing, social media marketing, and likes.

If you are interested in building a perfect money-making side hustle, you have a plethora of options available for you. Mobile apps are greatly helping newbies and experts to get started with their journey.

But before you dive right into it, and start searching videos over the internet related to it there are some basic things you have to keep in mind.

You need to have a stable internet connection that could support multiple devices at a single time because the sharing of the internet connection tends to slow down the connection speed. After the internet connection is taken care of you are on the right direction towards making money online. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best applications you can install on your smartphone to start earning.

Best Apps to Earn Money


Freelancing is not a hidden money-making mine anymore. Think of anything in the world be it digital marketing, advertising, clients handling, promotions, skill-sharing almost in everything people need a helping hand and it becomes way too important if you are dealing with something that they do not know. There are freelancers available for almost every business-related issue.

Freelancing is great because people love the freedom to work on their own terms without the hassle and pressure of corporate jobs. Fiverr is a marketplace for buyers and sellers where you can create your own gigs for any skill that you are an expert in and provide your services. For instance, if you are good at editing photos and clicking pictures you can set up your gig as a graphic designer or photographer.

There are over 200 categories under which you can list the services that you wish to provide. Fiverr gives the option to withdraw money directly to your bank account, via Paypal, or Payoneer. Its been a few years since Fiverr has also started its affiliate program that could help you earn more by promoting the services offered by other websites on your websites, blogs, or social media.


Rakuten is popularly known as the best shopping website. If you are on a holiday and you wish to buy new clothes and accessories, then make sure you have the Rakuten app on your phone. The app does offer up to 40% cashback from food services, retailers, and restaurants. If you are a frequent traveler the app also does give you gift cards, travel cashback, and more.

To give it start with Rakuten, all you need to do is just sign up to create an account and tap on a particular deal that you want. Make transactions and earn cashback it’s as simple as that. After confirmation of the purchase from a retailer, the app immediately credits the cash back into your account.


OfferUp is a really great marketplace where you can list your physical products for sale. It has recently emerged as a competitor of LetGo. If you want to reach customers from all around the world without being limited to the local area, you can give this app a try.

You just have to sign up and create an account in order to create a listing by clicking the picture of whatever stuff you wish to sell. For instance, if you wish to sell a newly purchased smartphone that you do not like as it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can put it up for sale on OfferUp. Just like that if your baby has grown up a little and doesn’t need a stroller list it up on Offer up for sale. With a minimalistic interface, Offerup is pretty good for making money whether you are just starting or a pro.


Upwork is very well known around the world and is one of the leading platforms for people who are interested in providing services around the world. With gigs like digital marketing, Social media management, graphic designing, websites optimization designing, and development, or video editing or Video marketing, Upwork is an amazing platform to buy and sell services.

Unlike Fiverr where you are creating gigs, in Upwork you just need to send proposals to clients who are looking for small to medium projects to be completed. As soon as you complete the task and the client approves it, you will get credited to your account with the pre-decided amount. However, before you send a proposal just keep in mind that you have just a few credits to send out proposals.

Take Away

The digital world has changed so hugely that it has become so lucrative to enter and get yourself established as a good earner when it comes to making money online. The above-mentioned apps are the Best Apps to Earn Money & the best option for earning money-all you need to do is do a little bit of research beforehand before you get started.

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