10 Biggest Challenges for Digital Marketer in 2023

The year 2021 and 2022 were a challenge for every marketer to overcome, because of the digital covid-19 outbreak, businesses had to find a way to overcome e-commerce challenges, and conquer them. To help them to prepare better Incrementors SEO marketing provides valuable insights that might help the marketers overcome the challenges.

Here we have listed 10 major challenges that will help the business to prepare for 2022.

1. Learn about the customer

Rightful targeting has always been important, but for the Year 2022, it has become more important than ever before. 

As they need digital marketing services it is so, because it simplifies the process of buying the customers and they need to stand out from the rest and to differentiate which is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses.

The solution would be to refresh your profile for the coming year so that companies can attract customers.

2. Creating engaging content

Creating large-quality content is another challenge that should be paid attention to in the comingcustomersEngaging customer is a great tool that allows the brand to increase its value.  But companies lack in creating engaging content as they put similar content which is not a good idea to practice. 

Using creating content helps to attract more and more traffic to your website, this will help the marketer to embrace interactive content they have and it helps them to allow raising their opinion.

3. Stuffing keywords

Keyword stuffing is a devil’s practice that is followed by many marketers and it has always remained problematic. Previously the brands used to fill their content with more and more keywords repeatedly and this worked for many. These old outdated tactics don’t work in 21 century, so they have to stop doing it.

Many websites remove these keywords from google SEO as they face huge losses and penalties.

4. Creating long texts

Creating long paragraphs in the website is something every profession agrees on and it has been advised to every new webpage to ponder on to get better at ranking.

Stuffing more and more words may make your content worth reading but it does not guarantee top rank. According to the studies by professionals, the reason for the top web pages to hold their position is the quality of the content. It is a fact that 1500-2000 words are not required to rank number 1. It may sometimes be a coincidence that the top rank happened to have more words than the page ranking at 5-6.

5. Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of the visitor visiting the web page and there is no interaction beyond the landing webpage

Many SEO professionals believe in the ranking factor to measure the ranking of the webpage.

But it has not been the appropriate way to measure the webpage quality and the quantity. Many visitors land on the web page and leave the webpage without any interaction which increases the bounce rates. 

Using Visitor Clicking on a search page would be a more appropriate indicator to measure the quality of the landing page.

6. Attractive website

A website which takes more seconds, people abomasum the website. Similarly, if a visitor is given options with an organic website, he is presented with 9 options not including ads.

A website that takes time to load people and in this case people generally press the back button and move to another website. Hence the bounce rate increase. This is not something that many marketers should continue in the coming 2022 years.

7. Making website attractive by adding graphics

Adding pictures to the website attracts more traffic, and is one of the best and easiest ways to increase the number of visitors.

 Adding graphics like videos, photos to your website, especially to the home page. It allows the customers to show greater engagement which helps the customer.

 So next time Make sure to add pictures to your website and there are many ways to do it. Some people prefer traditional black and white websites, while others prefer websites embedded with graphics and videos.

8. Using meta tags

A meta tag description is the very first section that people see when Google shows your website to the people who searched for it. Not Using your website is a major factor in lacking the online position,  it is one of the most important tips that people should never neglect. They should even modify them so that they can make the bat cave use every time google duplicates search engines. 

Using duplicate meta descriptions has put a lot of marketers into trouble. By using WordPress you can fix duplicate meta tags by installing all in-law set packs.

9. Brand reputation

So many people that use social media for shopping want to make sure that they are using a true and trusted brand. Hence it becomes extremely important to protect your online reputation.

 By creating better content and strategy, it helps you to demonstrate your expertise, and this will increase your brand authority. Search engines then suggest your website to more and more visitors. And Thus it helps become your customer. 

10. Optimizing speed

According to research, the majority of the users leave the website if it takes more than 3-4 sec to load the website, in the coming years make sure to optimize your slow. Speed by the following the tips to enhance your website is:

Compress the image on your website

Images and graphics look beautiful on the website but they tend to slow down your website. Try to reduce the number of images so that shows can be optimized.

Reduce the redirect

A website has a lot of redirects and it also hampers the speed of your page, as it takes two separate pages, the redirected one and the redirected one too. So to optimize the speed of the webpage, you need to reduce the redirect pages.


These steps will help you to overcome the challenges you will be facing in the coming year, and as a result, you will be gaining yogic and customers.

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