Top 7 Ways on How to Make Money Online in India 2024

There are so many ways on How to make money online in India however majorly all the information is a bit scattered and at times hard to come up with a concrete idea as to which way of making money should you select.

I can guide you with the exact methods that have helped me to make money online.

For me what came as merely an exploring of the idea of how people are making money online became so important that gradually I took it as a learning sequence since all the players who are into this are making a generous income.

That is good enough that they are doing it as a mainstream and primary source of income. Let’s discuss these methods in detail.

A quick tip before we proceed towards best way to earn money in india

Before we jump the gun and start thinking that learning How to Make Money Online in India is the way to get rich quick scheme I am afraid to disclose that it isn’t but yes if you are willing to learn and give it a little time you can surely lead your way to success.

Take it more as if you are building a business similar to literally physically building a business like restaurants, real estate, or any other business. Think like you are creating a long-term business.

I would like to add a quote mention by my mentor he said building an online business is like growing a Chinese bamboo tree it needs to be fertilized and watered on a daily basis but it does not come out of the ground for 5 years.

And when it breaks through the ground after 5 years it grows to massive 90 feet within just 5 weeks. Can you guys get the logic behind this? In other words, patience is the key to build something substantial.

With that being said to throughout this discussion we will be going deeper into how to earn money online without investment since most of the people who are reading this have little to no investment to make in the beginning.

Before we proceed it is important to know

  • There are N number of online jobs available which looks very easily accessible and appear very lucrative but usually they are scams for example: Data entry jobs.
  • Considering and option to earn easy and fast money is most probably illegitimate way so stay away from it and be cautious of what you go with.

There are surely best ways on how to make money online for free but there are still some key things you should understand if you follow them it will help you go a long way

  • Always strive to learn a new skill and polish it with daily improvements and daily learning since money making ideas in india is relatively new there is always room for improvement so keep learning.
  • Keep yourself open to suggestions and feedbacks and even criticism all these things altogether helps you learn along the way and so important for learning.

12 ways how to make money online in India: The list was actually 12 different ways on how to make money but I selected some of the very best and my proven methods.

Let’s look at Top 7 fastest way to earn money in india

1. Start Doing Freelancing

This is one of the jobs that require a little bit of patience but this is surely a proven way to make you filthy rich.

There are freelancing websites that give opportunities to so many people with different types of skill sets and proven ways on how to make money online in India. You are required to have expertise in a particular skill set for doing freelancing be it designing, marketing, content writing, photography, or any other field.

Freelancing is certainly one of the best ways to earn money online without investment for students or any other individual out there willing to make money in India.

You can check out our comprehensive post on How to Earn Money By Freelancing to get a better insight into detail.

If you are just starting out then It might be a little hard to get clients but once you start getting a little bit of traction you can go a long way on the basis of the quality of work you provide on these freelancing sites.

There are some of the skills that you need to have to be a successful freelancer :

  • Core Skills and Knowledge about a Skill
  • Marketing Knowhow
  • Good Communication skills

You may be very good at a particular work and know your stuff very well but unless you are not able to put a word out there in the world it will not be fruitful for yourself.

If you are searching for the technique of how to make money online in India this is the way to learning altogether because freelancing is something which one should consider.

Because then you will not be able to publicize your work and grab the attention of the clients, which is so important to scale your business.

Because then you will not be able to publicize your work and grab the attention of the clients, which is so important to scale your business.

on the basis of that interested clients will contact you directly.

There are some very good freelancing websites that are very popular among freelancers,,,,, etc.

There is unbelievably huge potential for making money on freelancing websites.

2. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

One way to earn a substantial amount of money is Affiliate marketing it is exactly like starting a retail shop.

It is a very efficient method, to begin with since you can do it even if you do not have a product or service to offer it is one of the best ways on how to make money online in India it requires a little bit of learning in the beginning since there are things or two to learn which takes a little time to suck in.

Most of you might already know what affiliate marketing is this process includes the promotion of other people or companies’ products with the unique link provided to you by them.

You will receive this unique code once you sign up for any affiliate.

Also if you have a website or a following on any social platform or you are allowing companies to put their link on your website this is also one way of doing it you can partner with different Brands and Businesses within the specific niche of your website for this.

When visitors go to your website and purchase certain products from one of the affiliate links you have given on your website you earn money this is one of the fastest ways to earn money in India.

Affiliate marketing is a primary alternative if you are looking for how to make money online in India.

I would like to highlight some of the very popular platforms where people are earning massive money you can sign up with the Amazon affiliate program or Flipkart.

Most people around the world go with amazon affiliate marketing because it usually offers a higher commission percentage.

Affiliate marketing is just becoming so popular because this business model is so easy to follow that it has turned out to be one of the best ways to earn money for students in India and working women who are searching for ways as to how to make money online in India.

3. Earn Money Through Blogging

If you want to know how to make money online in India invest your efforts in blogging content writing is surely a very high-paying skill if you are able to deliver high quality of work and with accurate efficiency. 

And you have Mastery in a particular niche you can gain momentum on that particular domain and boost your revenue in huge margins. However, it does not mean that you have to be confined.

In one niche you can explore different aisles you can learn more than one niche if you are interested in doing so and grow your audience accordingly.

Here there are two options for you:

  • Either you can write for someone as a paid writer which can give you instant money or
  • You can write for your own blog and start generating income which is passive but consistent

In today’s day and age, it is so much important that you have a source of passive income online that is working for you even when you are sleeping, and discussing how to make money online in India is very much important.

how to make money online in India is a simple term but very few can look for options and actually act upon them.

That is basically the difference here in freelancing you are working in return for money whereas in blogging you are creating a business of your own.

Getting the initial traction is a little bit difficult but once you start building an audience your blog can make money for you even when you are sleeping.

Now comes the interesting part how does a blogger earn money or how does blog writing can make you money.

You can signup for a Google Adsense account once you signup you can request Approval for your site to be Google Adsense approved.

Enabling it will get your website ready to show ads so whenever user log in to your website they see ads on your blog post if they click on ads you will get earnings on the basis of the number of clicks ads on your website gets.

This is called CPC ( Cost Per Click) so on the basis of CPC, you get paid.

It is best practice for individuals who look for ways to how to make money online in India.

And one more thing if your website has started to grow then Google Adsense is not the only way you can earn money there are further best ways to make money online that you can go for along with it to make a substantial income for example affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, guest posts, shoutouts, interviews, etc.

To get further insight on how fruitful a successful blog can be for you you can refer to this amazing post on How to earn more money from your blog by one of the top SEO and traffic analysis expert in the world.

4. Start With Youtube to Make Money

Youtube is growing like crazy each day and the users are so much into videos that youtube gets 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day the fact is as we are talking there are so many people who are making loads of money

Doing it and has emerged as the best alternative if you are looking for ways on how to make money online in India.

So many YouTubers internationally and in India also are generating an enormous amount of money because nowadays users consume video content more than written form content so it is the future.

So if you were searching for the best ideas for how to make money online in India you can surely consider this.

You can start by creating a Youtube channel for free and start uploading videos by little bit of research on the trending topics and useful topics that people are looking for.

In the beginning, you have to put effort to come under the eyes of users as per the survey which was conducted in the year 2019 it was revealed that two types of people could be successful on the youtube platform being a creator.

One makes very funny content with entertaining videos and the other is the creator who is making niche-specific content or making helpful videos like DIY, tutorials, educational, skill-based videos, etc.

You can grow your channel by creating good quality content and by running efficient marketing campaigns to promote your videos.

5. Use Social Networking Apps and Websites to Make Money

In recent years social networking sites have been proven to be the most profitable among all due to the majority of growing user base.

The power of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are so so much that you can easily leverage the attention of the users to the product or service that you are offering.

The potential here is so huge that numerous people have started using it as a primary source of income where they are charging Rs. 5000 – Rs. 25000 for one Facebook or Instagram post.

In the beginning, the phase when I was starting with affiliate marketing and other promotional activities I myself reached out to the group admins of Facebook and other big Instagram pages owners to help me promote my content.

On these platforms, your fan base is your real asset and you are an influencer if you hold a good number of follower base there is tons of monetization opportunity gets open for you.

To start earning from these platforms you have to create an Attractive page, to begin with, you will learn the basics once you start doing it.

If you have a fashion-related page with a good following you can monetize your page in a number of ways there are amazingly popular Instagram pages like RVCJINSTA, AASHNASHROFF, KOMALPANDEYOFFICIAL.

You need to get yourself associated with freelancing social media marketing and sell products and services on Instagram.

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one stream that could get you a lot of business and money in recent times this method has been so popular internationally but lately Indian entrepreneurs also taking it as a primary source of income.

There are so many ideas on how to make money online in India but dropshipping has become a kind of crowd favorite.

Dropshipping has made fortunes for many entrepreneurs not just in India but worldwide due to the level of scaling you can do in it which is simply fantastic.

The model of dropshipping is that you purchase products from different dropshipping websites like and you go ahead and book online orders coming in from the customers.

One thing that you have to keep in mind before proceeding with this model considering it as the easiest way to earn money in India that you need to have some budget and investment to start the dropshipping business.

Because you need to buy the products in bulk because when you order them online you can only secure a good and low-priced deal if you order the products in huge quantities.

It is preferable to read the market here because you should only order the products which are trending and selected by the mass audience. Once you are sure to go ahead with one specific niche the second step is to find the Supplier.

Who will make the delivery of the products to the customer’s doorstep?

While choosing a platform to sell these products is the crucial step here since this can be the deciding factor for the sales and profits you could generate out of this dropshipping business.

Ideally, it is a pretty amazing method among other ideas regarding how to make money online in India.

Always prefer a website that has more traffic, as huge traffic means more sales. This is directly proportionate to increasing the possibility of success in this business model.

7. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are really a cool source of income because in this way you build a genuine connection with your audience and it is a process of building trust.

The ease of doing this is that you can manually operate and release podcasts sitting anywhere in the world. Through podcasts, you convey a strong message and grow your follower base.

Quite similar to Affiliate marketing here also you can promote the products and services of other businesses and earn a commission or you can sell your own product.

You can also record many episodes at once and upload them as per your convenience and desired time schedule.

Gradually as your audience starts to grow you will be able to generate more and more income in the form of sponsorships and product mentions.

7. Start Doing Online Surveys to Earn Money

Yes, you read it right people usually get to see advertisements which are promising so much about the earning potential of filling online surveys but to my experience I have recently used this myself, and it has turned out to be Legit.

So with this particular website once you register on it you will start getting options to fill and complete surveys and you will immediately start getting money added to your wallet once you start completing them.

Check this out to register to start earning from completing surveys click here


Take Action

It is vital that you gather information and make accurate action plans but until you take action nothing is going to turn out beneficial for you.

People are usually afraid of failure and starting out I would suggest start by taking your first step and you will get better insights as you move along.

Be always willing to learn because it is needed for improvement and to be a better version of yourself not just in business but in any field.

I have covered a variety of industries you can go with and these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you choose any of the given ways and give sufficient time and don’t give up soon and make consistent efforts.

While pursuing your selected domain passionately you will surely be able to conquer and build multiple sources of income.

You may have heard or read success stories of people who did not give up even when they were not able to achieve what they dreamt of in one attempt.

And they are real proof that trying and putting all your efforts is imperative and the key to be successful.

Take away is that there are so many people who are making use of their free time and generating huge amounts of money for themselves.

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