How to Make Money Playing Games

Making money playing games has become a more credible revenue stream over time in the last few years. With so many different platforms to choose from and some very amazing games are coming every day, It is also important to know that there’s money to be made Let’s get to know How to Make Money Playing Games.

The Video game industry has seen a massive increase in the number of players from around the world. Playing video games could be more than just a hobby and can be proved to be a great way to earn some extra money. We will go through the methods on How to Make Money Playing Games.

Can you Make Money Playing Games?

Absolutely, you can make money playing games. There are a few different ways you can try to make money through gaming, which include playing games online, making content based upon gaming content or features, participating in live gaming events and global events, and steaming their gameplay like so many YouTubers do.

How Much Money Can You Make Playing Video Games?

The amount of money that you can make playing video games will significantly vary depending on the type of games you play, the content you create, the platform that you use, and the amount of time and effort that you put in.

Reports suggest that the gamers can earn anywhere between $20 an hour to $200 an hour for playing the games, though it is hard to figure out an average. However, these earnings can be greatly multiplied by participating in activities such as game tournaments, which offer big cash prizes and other incentives. Game tournaments have been spending so much towards these streams and can pay anywhere close to thousands of dollars per tournament of the event.

How to Make Money Playing Games?

There is a multitude of opportunities to make your presence known in the gaming industry and earn money while you are involved in it. Depending on your field of interest and time commitments, you can do a bit of research and select a niche to target. Ninja is a good example of this, and he started in 2009. We’ll go through some of the best ways to make money while playing video games.

1. Create a Youtube Channel

One of the most popular ways to make money in the gaming field is through Youtube, many avid gamers make from this method. You can start live streaming or pre-recorded videos of your gameplay for your audience to watch as you go through the game.

One of the most popular ways to make money in the gaming field is through Youtube, many avid gamers make from this method. You can start live streaming or pre-recorded videos of your gameplay for your audience to watch as you go through the game.

You can also post video game tutorials, gameplay tutorials, reviewing games, and basic gaming tips on your Youtube channel to boost your subscriber base and build a quality audience and monetize your channel going further. How Monetization works here is you will get the percentage of the ad revenue that your viewers watch while watching your gaming content.

2. Become a Video Game Developer

Not just by playing games but you can stay behind the scenes and start making substantial money if you wish to be both a skilled player and also a game designer, then becoming a video game developer might be the right thing for you.

You can work with the game designing companies to create new games and become a part of the big video game industry as you earn money. Game developers work with big brands of video games to make good money, with the average salary being anywhere between $60,000 to $70,000 a year. You can browse job listings and grab information about what are the requirements needed for a game developer, as each company will likely have a different set of requirements.

3. Become a QA Tester

When the games are being made, a unit of a game tester is required before the game can be actually released. That means playing the game, providing the required feedback on the quality, the game itself, and reporting any bugs or issues are the main tasks of a game tester.

As a quality assurance game tester, you can work with the newly developed game or an upgraded game and put it in your words to make it better. A video game quality assurance tester can easily earn around $50,000 a year on an average, but it can also go to higher pay bands based on the experience of the Quality assurance tester.

4. Become a Twitch Streamer

Just like Youtube Twitch is also one of the most popular gaming joints in the world, and many gamers earn real money by streaming their gameplay on the platform. And it is one of the most legit money making apps in the gaming community. Twitch enables gamers by monetizing their live streams with the help of ads, subscriptions, and more perks. Twitch can be a very profitable way to use your gaming habit to make money and gain a substantial following for yourself to monetize.

5. Become a Video Game Journalist

If you are so much a fanboy of game-related news and game content and you are usually so much interested in exploring anything related to gaming this method of making money through video games could be so amazing for you you can become a Video game journalist. You’ll report on new releases from the video game companies, play games and write reviews, reports about gaming tournaments, and provide updates about anything related to the gaming community because it has a large audience.

You can be a freelance video game journalist or you can apply to write for a video game publication. On average most video game journalists earn anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000 based on their expertise, relevant experience, profile, and portfolio

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