5 Best Budget Planners to Manage Your Finances for 2022

In this article, you will learn about the best budget planners few of you may have heard about budget planners if not by the end of this post you will be able to understand why you should be using the best budget planners in order to keep your finances in check.

What is a Budget Planner?

Before I tell you what are the best budget planners let me tell you a Budget planner is basically a tool or a Spreadsheet that you can use to keep all the information related to your finances in one place. It is very much useful for you if you want to keep a track of your monthly expenses like bills, debts, savings, and more!

One of the most important aspects of a budget planner is that it greatly helps you in tracking every single dollar that comes inward and every dollar that goes out of your wallet. And this is basically what you need in order to control your finances, isn’t it?

Why Do You Need a Budget Planner?

It is so crucial to have your finances in check and proper budgeting is so essential that I too was a little less careful regarding the finances but as soon as I started keeping a track of things it has changed my life I would like to share the importance of it and how it can change your life as well.

If you have a budget planner it allows you to budget your money in a very proper manner. It gives you clear visualization so that you can take control of your money.

Without a budget planner, you wouldn’t have the proper tool to organize your finances in an accurate way and you could be losing on keeping a check of your dollars and could let them slip unknowingly out of your hands.

Having a budget planner gives you total control of your money! It is so important to know before knowing about the best budget planners.

Top 5 Best Budget Planners for You

1. Mint.com

It is so easy to use the free money management app, Mint.com allows you to bring all your finances together from your account balances, your credit cards, your investments, and your credit score as well. It puts all your financial information in one place to make it more manageable for you to work with your money.

2. PocketGuard.com

We chose PocketGuard for our Top 5 best budget planners it is best for college students as well because its interface makes it way easier for busy students to look at a glance at how much money is available for them to spend. Its goal tracking feature and detailed pie chart help even beginning budget planners to see if they are on track.

3. EveryDollar.com

This free app is a great resource with this you can make it easy to use the budget in a few minutes. For this app, the basic version is free to use and you can also go for the paid version where you will get additional resources.

4. BudgetSimple.com

We chose to keep this app in our best budget planners list is because it is a simplified and easy-to-use method that helps you get out of debt, Budget simple helps you in tasks like managing bills, track expenses, and adjusting your spending according to your living style. With the help of creative charts and visuals, you can track your progress.

5. PersonalCapital.com

The Personal Capital app made it to our best list because it offers an amazing budgeting software that provides a retirement and savings planner with a set of tools to keep tabs upon investments. You can also track your net worth, monitor the cash flow, and you can also get an investment checkup so that you can easily manage your hard-earned money all in one place.

Things to Look for In a Budget Planner

When you are selecting among the best budget planners, there are some key things that you should keep in mind.

User friendly

Your budget planner will be more than useful if you are able to use it in an easy manner so it is advisable to look for something that is neatly organized and easy to use.


The easy maneuverability of the app makes it preferably a go-to option. So it is advisable to look for a Budget planner which offers flexibility in how you track your expenses, if you are just beginning to use a budget planner give yourself the ability to customize the Budgeting Journal as per your personal needs.


If you are confused about which budget planner to select check reviews just like this best budget planners check out the best-reviewed apps and take a look at the ratings. Also in the reviews look at what the reviews say about the apps and features, daily use, and its price.

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Using the best Budget planner can greatly help you get organized in terms of finances and understanding the budgeting segments easily and keep you educated in smarter spending.

Whether you have kept a good record of your expenses or you are just starting out to do so, keeping a track of where your money is getting spent is easier than you think. So best budget planners listed the apps that work for you and are easy and comfortable to use regularly.

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