What Makes Doing YouTube Without Showing Your Face The Best Business Model In 2024?

We would love to shed some light on What Makes Doing YouTube Without Showing Your Face The Best Business Model In 2022? Before that, it is so important to know that, the way of consuming content in the video form has only seen an upward trend in the recent 5bde.

There is a huge number of individuals who have made a name for themselves, there are people who have earned a substantial audience base creating the video content that is aimed towards teaching, entertaining, informing, and by just being pretty awesome over the internet.

What Makes Doing YouTube Without Showing Your Face The Best Business Model In 2022?

Being in front of an audience is important to gather a large number of followers and do something which interests them, however, it is not the only possible way to create content and grow yourself you can also grow marginally if you do not want to show your face, yes you heard it right it is definitely possible to get high earnings without showing your face on youtube.

In this article, I will share the ideas and methods, and examples on how you can successfully make money on Youtube without showing your face.

7 Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Here are the 7 video ideas covered in this article that you can consider to make YouTube Channel without showing your face.

How to Videos

Youtube is basically a search engine. It’s one of the most popular platforms that is used as a search engine to be specific it comes second after Google. People use it almost daily to search anything around How to do something kind of information.

This data is enough to get the general idea that the how-to videos are a highly popular category and in this format, you can target and cater to a huge audience base who are constantly searching for them. You can easily make how-to videos on a variety of different topics without even showing your face.

My personal favorite is Usually one of the most searched and successful videos of this kind is software how-to videos. These are where I show the users how to use a particular software or a program to get a particular task done through it.

For example, when software is used by the user generally not all the users are well educated about that particular software so they need help regarding that here we become a helping hand and explain the working of the software through our videos.

It is a fact that the how to videos are saturated on Youtube for so many topics. But the fact is if you do proper research there are so many topics and a variety of topics that usually remain unanswered, you can also look for markets for which the mentors and Youtubers usually overlook and jump to other things you can take its leverage and make videos for those people to achieve long term success.

Stock Footage

If you are to use basically any other video clip other than recording yourself for making youtube videos to make money you can use stock footage. It is a short video click that is usually a clipping of other people’s videos that is made available by them for usage on the internet you can insert these kinds of clips and make a whole video out of it that you can use for production.


You might have seen so many gaming channels over Youtube are making a huge earning with the help of their gaming videos not necessarily getting to show their faces but just with their gameplay and voice, they have managed to gather a loyal fanbase and quality audience which helps them greatly.

There are so many examples of channels that are faceless but they are getting more popular each day one such example is SKUNTAH similarly you can use gaming video clips and voiceovers to make it more interesting.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are very close to how to videos because similar to how to videos tutorial videos also teach the audience something specific. They are also hugely searched over the search engine because people are always searching for tutorials on doing a particular task.

Tutorials give a step-by-step detailed workflow to do a particular task. The popular category for these types of videos is art and craft tutorials. Through these craft tutorials, you can teach your audience what they need in order to create a specific project and how to actually do it from start to end.


Creating animation videos is such a creative task and if you love your work it is obvious that you are an amazing animator, it would be awesome to create animation videos?

There is huge money to be made in this if you do not just rely on Youtube earning which is generated by display ads alone you can combine multiple income streams here like selling merch, donations, sponsorships, along with the Youtube partnership program.

Compilation videos

The engagement rate that you can get on your videos through compilation videos is amazing you can simply add multiple clips and make one whole video out of it. These videos have resulted in creating some of the very big channels on the youtube platform. These videos generally include fail videos compilation and funny pets videos compilation, vines compilations, etc.

You can make compilation videos that are featuring other people’s content along with your own content if you have created it. In both ways, you can create videos without using your face and you can expect a massive viewership once you start gaining traction.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are a good way to get the attention of users online without showing your face to anyone on Youtube. Unboxing videos primarily include videos featuring the unboxing of products which are generally trending products and it may include already existing products as well that truly depends on the products it is also important to know that it is not required for you to show your face to record these kinds of videos for youtube.

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