How To Make Money From Chegg in 2024

Are you looking for ways to make money with Chegg? If yes, you have come to the right place. As of now, I think everybody knows that lately, the ways of making money online have grown at a tremendous rate and so does the opportunities.

And the idea of working from home has gained substantial definition, It has paved the way to a plethora of opportunities for people who did not have any other means to earn money, such as students.

Today there is N number of opportunities available like you have handled online administration of an organization, you can give assistance to HR firms, you can co-work with simple jobs like data entry jobs you name it all the works which are available online require a certain set of skill set and knowledge.

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What is Chegg?

Chegg is basically an online education platform that is growing in popularity day by day, it is a platform that specializes in online textbook rentals(in both physical and digital formats), online mentoring, tutoring, scholarships, and internship opportunities.

It also includes the selling and rentals of new and second-hand textbooks and various other subscription-based services parts of the vast community that helps students in studies of subjects like mathematics, writing, and science. It also does provide a flashcard application that is free of cost

It is purely developed to help the students who are pursuing high school and college education courses. The company was created in the United States of America by three Iowa State University students in the year 2001 and it was founded by Aayush Phumbhra.

And there is a story behind the name of the platform Chegg it is the brew of the words Chicken and Egg the story is based on the founders’ right after graduating from college: they could not land a job since they did not have any experience, but on the contrary, they could not get experience without a job, it was exactly like a chicken or the egg dilemma.

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How to Register as a Tutor On Chegg?

The application process to be a tutor on Chegg is fairly easy.

You just need to provide two forms of verification when you are signing up as a tutor; this can be a student ID Card, a copy of your diploma, or copies of your University degree or transcripts.

You will need to submit your photo holding one of the government-issued ID proof (for eg. passport or driver’s license) this is to prove your identity.

Depending on the subject you would like to teach, Chegg may also ask you to complete additional tests in order to prove your skills.

If you like you can also submit a short video in which you can introduce yourself and explain that you are well qualified to be a tutor for Chegg. Chegg however, does not indicate anywhere that this influences the application process, but if it is easy for you to create a video, it is recommended to do so.

Once you have applied, you’ll receive a decision within seven business days.

Do I have to be from the US to tutor on Chegg?

No, it is not necessary that you have to be a US citizen in order to apply to be a tutor on Chegg. You can be a tutor being anywhere in the world if you have the desired qualification.

However, one thing worth bearing in mind is that different time zones around the world may have an impact on the ability to give tuition to students.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to be a Chegg Tutor?

  1. Your Diploma Photographs or degree transcripts
  2. Student Identification Card (Any Government Issued ID Card like passport or driver’s license)
  3. Teaching or Tutoring certification
  4. Other relevant documents that can help Chegg platform to identify and confirm your expertise in a particular subject
  5. Scanned Copies of your transcript

Subject wise qualification required to be a tutor with chegg is given below:

  • For Mathematics- B.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • For Science- B.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • For Engineering- B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D.
  • For Business- MBA, ICWA, CMA,, MA, CA, CS, M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • For Earth Science- B.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil., or Ph.D.


The following subjects are some of the most popular subjects at

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. Accounting
  4. Finance
  5. Engineering
  6. Business
  7. Inventory Management
  8. Earth Science
  9. Health Care

How Much Money Can I Make Through Chegg?

So You’ll get paid a flat rate of $20 per hour for the time spend in any live sessions or helping the students. Chegg has this mechanism where it calculates your payment every week and you’re paid through PayPal every Thursday.

If Let’s say you spend less than an hour with a student, then money will be calculated on the pro-rata basis, with a minimum lesson length of five minutes for eg. if you are with a student for just two minutes, you’ll get paid for five minutes.

Students are charged an amount of $10.95 per lesson or they can pay $19.95 per month to get access to unlimited lessons. Lessons are carried out via online chat. However, if students wish to study over a video chat, they pay $30 for 60 minutes per month. claims that the best tutors on the platform can earn over $1,000 a month, which is good, and also one thing to remember is that any money you can earn on Chegg is subject to taxes.


Since everything is moving to the digital edge online part-time jobs are in high demand and on the rise primary factor of this is absolutely the pandemic situation as well but we cannot deny the fact that the online presence of almost everything is inevitable.

Among these factors, online teaching and tutoring are widely popular due to the minimum working hours and moderate payment. Also with your knowledge and expertise, you can help students around the world by answering questions and clearing their doubts and questions isn’t it amazing.

This particular job is flexible and with the fair payment mode, and being a teacher it also gives you a kind of job satisfaction by spreading your knowledge to students. It also polish your own skills by refreshing your knowledge base to great extent.

Working with Chegg is best suited for you if you are committed learner and have a zeal to gather knowledge. With this work there is a constant improvement in your knowledge and exposure to the onine world.

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