BT Launches “BT Digital Marketing Hub” for Online Businesses

BT Digital Marketing Hub

BT has launched a new digital advertising platform BT Digital Marketing Hub in order to make it easier for business to run their own digital marketing campaigns, which will enable them to promote their variety of goods and services on an online platform.

With the recent pandemic situations there are a huge number of businesses taking their assets online, a recent survey conducted by Business Britain, in partnership with BT, found that 74% of small enterprises have increased their use of social media to catch eyeballs and promote their businesses online. 43% of those said as per the poll that they were using eCommerce more, on the other hand, 30% had increased their use of a paid form of social media advertising.

More and more small and medium businesses are now understanding the need of digital advertising and BT Digital Marketing Hub would be so helpful for these organizations to continue and expand their business outreach through digital advertising on BT’s new platform.

This is Developed by taking the feedback from more than 1,500 businesses, BT Digital Marketing Hub is designed with keeping in mind a few important times that it will come as a great help for those who often lack the time, resources, confidence, or skills to start and scale their own digital advertising campaigns.

From Individual Traders to small and medium businesses who are looking to take their baby steps into the digital advertising world to large companies that intend to optimize budget display, social or search campaigns, the BT Digital Marketing Hub will provide the all-in-one solution.

55% of small businesses explain that digital marketing is one of the areas where they need the most support, so BT has also formed a new team consisting of digital advertising experts to provide an optional managing service. This is going to be available as a part of a fully managed pay-as-you-go service along with Essential or Premium options on offer.

The managed service options will be categorized from setup support from an expert to the total outsourcing of the complete digital strategy, business can then go ahead and customize the level of support up and down as their requirement.

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